Though voice search has started late, it is now one of the most crucial topics in the search industry that has created a buzz around. The ease to search with voice is absolutely second to none, and people can’t get enough of it.

The voice search concept has started with expensive Smartphone’s then quickly goes sky high to smart speakers and voice assistants worldwide. Nowadays we are experiencing the voice search revolution with almost every generation welcoming voice search with open arms.

The Growing Number of Digital Voice Assistants in Use Worldwide

With the nearly quantum rise in voice search, it is critical that we create content that is optimized for it. Or else, we’ll find it difficult to gain any organic traction. Considering the fierce competition vying for search engine rankings, the road is only to get tougher in future.

Voice Search: More than Just a Dialogue

For those still unaware, voice search is an improved and much-advanced dialogue system. Why we say so? Because it’s a computer setup intended to dialogue with a human being. It uses different models of communication like text, speech, gestures, etc. as input and output signals.

Although every dialogue system has different components, a dialogue manager is a constant in every one of them. It analyzes the semantics and manages the dialogue strategy. As per reports, the first speaking dialogue system was built back in 1977 with constant research and development along the way. As the time flies, technological advancements have helped develop one of the most useful dialogue systems. Automatic speech recognition is used for feeding in input signals today to voice search devices. Some of them also include text-to-speech for sharing results.

Activating the virtual assistant is not always required before initiating a search on a voice search device. As soon as the device has input, it will detect the language in which the query has been asked. The keywords in the query will be captured, and the query will be answered accordingly. Some devices with screens may display the results while all other devices will speak back to the searcher. The conversational style of any voice search device is one big reason for its popularity and demand.

Why Voice Search Is In the Hype?

Imagine you are in the kitchen preparing a new dish and get confused with the recipe steps. Like everyone else, you probably don’t want to use your Smartphone with your not-so-clean hands. Think of something that can help? You can undoubtedly use your voice search assistant to repeat the whole recipe to you and proceed with your cooking merrily.

There are dozens of situations and examples like the above one where voice search saves the day for any of us. Some prominent reasons as to why voice search is slowly becoming the talk of the town are:
Voice Search is Easy-to-Use and Ensure Fast Response

There is not a shadow of a doubt, that voice search is faster than traditional methods of searching for a query; this is what makes it the #1 reason for people adopting the trend.

Key Reasons for Global Mobile Users to Access Voice Search

  • It’s quicker than going on a website or using an app
  • Can use it while driving or at other times when can’t interact with handset
  • It’s more fun than other search methods
  • It’s easier than going to a website or using an app
  • It’s a more accurate way of searching
  • Don’t like typing on your mobile phone; use voice search

Strategies to Optimize Content for Voice Search

In the era of voice search, where the competition will only get tougher in the coming day, marketers and SEO’s should make it a habit of optimizing their content for voice search. This best practice will help you get better rankings for voice searches and increase your organic reach.

Put Proven Search Optimization Strategies to Good Use

Pabitra Infotech’s voice search study found that “70% of all answers return from voice search occupied a SERP feature with 60% of those returning a featured snippet result.” The odds are most smart devices with voice search capability will give out a similar answer to particular queries, and the answer is principally a rich answer for the question.

Restructure Your Content by Re-imagining the Aspects

With voice search being a lot more conversational than traditional searches, we all need to analyze our content and its structure again. The goal should be to include succinct questions and answers to improve the content layout and make it more voice search friendly.

Pabitra Infotech’s study says Google prefers short, concise answers to voice search queries and the typical voice search result is only 29 words in length. Our study for Google Assistant found ‘Text length of the answers returned was nearly the same for every device (around 41 words on average)’.

These are valuable insights about how our content should be structured to rank better for voice search results. Moreover, include frequently asked questions on your product pages and blogs as they include question keywords, and are quite short as well. Both these factors are prerequisites for voice search ranking. The FAQ-style format makes it easy for Google to pull content from your website and display it as a rich snippet. Using pointers to break your content into small fragments is another voice search best practice and helps in better ranking.

Use Conversational Language for Content

Being conversational is a primary characteristic of a voice search query, and we need to take leverage of this. The more we use robotic language in our content, the fewer chances we have in appearing in voice search results.

We can benefit hugely from using natural language in whatever we write and publish on the web. When there is the use of natural language, there is a lot of scope of matching as a result of verbal questions. Understanding the searcher’s intent is critical if you want to know how people are asking verbal queries. You need to study and anticipate the query style that people use while using voice search.
Target Long-Tail Keywords

Voice searches are longer than searches on a keyboard due to their conversational style. On top of this, we all know that Google is fond of long-form complete content. We can’t prepare content separately for each and every voice search term, but we can surely include all terms in a full-fledged post.

Improve Website’s Loading Time

Despite being such an essential factor for voice search, this one often goes unnoticed. But that doesn’t lower its significance a bit. Websites that take longer to load are abandoned very quickly compared to those that load quickly. Website loading speed has a direct impact on bounce rate and hence, should be optimized at all costs.

To add some necessity, Google released its speed update, which emphasizes optimizing website load times. When it comes to voice searches, the rules are pretty much the same. Voice searchers need immediate results, and if you have a slow website which takes an eternity to load, your content won’t be used to answer verbal queries.

With each year passing, voice search is on the rise, and soon it will be everywhere, and everyone will be discussing it. Consumer behavior is constantly changing, and marketers must be prepared for any marketing trend to meet expectations.

The above listed strategies will help you rank better for voice search and create a sound voice search optimization strategy for your business.


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